Canada Express Entry: Which Factors Count.

Canada Express Entry is on the most easiest and quick way to migrate to Canada. Canada is welcoming thousands of people around the world to its Home Land. In this Pandemic, they are still accepting application and inviting people around the Globe.

There are several factors on which basis your eligibility measure and you will be able to check your rank in Canadian Express Entry Pool.

1- Age:

One of the most important factor is Age. The more young and energantic you are, the more points you will get.

Canada is looking for young and skilled professional for their country. However if your age is above even though you are still eligible under some categories.

Please find the below table of Canadian Express Entry Points according to your age.

2- Language Skills

One of the most important factor is your Language. CRS score will rise by the ability of your language proficiency. The more command you will have on language, the more points you will earn.

Canada accepts English Language Test as well as French Language. Some states are speaking french in Canada like Quebec, Alberta (in some areas) and somewhere in North Ontario as well.

The minimum requirement to be eligible for Express Entry is CLB 7 or IELTS 6 bands in each module.

Please find below the score points according your language ability:

3- Education

Canada is looking for energetic and educated personnel for its country. More qualified person will get more points in his express entry profile. Education could be a Diploma, a Degree or even a High School Certificate is acceptable but differs from score.

If you are an Engineer, Doctor, Accountant or in any other profession which requires a license then you must obtain it from regulated body before you apply for express entry.

You must receive ECA (Education Credential Assessment) from one of the designated awarding body of Canada. They are responsible to compare your education according to Canadian education level and will issue you a report.

please find below the designated ECA organizations:

4- Work Experience

The fourth factor is your work experience. The minimum work experience is required of at least 1 year. Canada has made categories of different fields and you can find a list on Canadian Immigration Website regarding you profession category.

Each profession has allocated a NOC number which will be used to represent your area of work.

The more experienced your are, the more score you will get.

Check your NOC now…!!!

5- Arranged Employment in Canada

You may earn extra 10 points if you have offered a job from Canada. You many apply online for several jobs in Canada. Employers are actively looking for foreign workers for their company.

There are some conditions regarding your job offer.

Please below the details:

6- Adaptability

In this factor you will get bonus points with out doing any extra effort or work. In this category if your spouse, children, parents, grand parents, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew are living in Canada as a permanent resident or Citizen then you will earn some extra points in your Express Entry profile.

Moreover, If your spouse attempted any Language test like IETLS or your spouse studied in Canada or Worked in Canada even though you will get some points.


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