PNP Draws held in the Month of MAY 2020

May was quite busy month for PNPs, as they have invited lot of people around the to apply for Permanent Residence Applications.

2000 invitations were issued by the provinces to candidates.


Alberta has issued 191 invitation by their Provincial Nominee program AINP by May 13.

Candidates need to have minimum CRS score of 300 to receive the Notification of Interest.

British Colombia:

BC has issued 632 invitation in the month of May between 7th and 26th May.

BC conducted two draws in the month of May. Tech Pilot and Skilled Worker.

The minimum of score required by the candidates was 81 and 110 respectively.

Moreover, ANIP has given some relaxation to submit application evens if they don’t have complete documents yet, but they need to give justification about the missing documents.


MPNP draw was held on 7 and 22 May 2020. MPNP has issued accumulated 222 invitation to its candidates.

Candidates were invited through Skilled Worker Manitoba, Skilled Workers Overseas and International Education Streams.

Nova Scotia:

Nova Scotia held its PNP draw on May 22 and invited specially registered Nurses to their Province. They were invited through Labor Market Priorities Streams. NOC 3012

It did not announce the actual number of invitations issued.


ONIP issued 703 invitations to its candidates.

Secondly, candidates were invited through Express Entry points and its was held on May 13.

Prince Edward Island:

This province held draw on MAY 15 and they invited only 15 candidates through their stream.

Secondly, Prince Edward mainly focus on Health care sector and Trucking Sector to fulfill their need. Candidates were invited through Express Entry and Labour Impact categories.


SNIP issued 252 inivitation letters to its candidates on May 28.

Secondly, SNIP issued letters through International Skilled Worker with two sub categories: Express Entry and Occupations In-Demand.


Next month might be a busy for PNPs again.

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