Some Myths and Misconceptions about Canada

There are several things that everyone must know about Canada which most of us either doesn’t know or may know but with wrong information and perception.

In this article you will come to the the reality and truth about Canada.

1The Capital of Canada is Toronto.

Most of us consider Toronto as a Capital of Canada. While the reality is something else. Toronto is located in the state of Ontario. It is a business hub and full of tourist places. It is the capital of Ontario.


2- The Temperature is always very cold in Canada.

There is misconception about Canada that it is very difficult to live there and temperature always fall below Zero Degree Celsius.

But British Colombia is partially filled with desert and its temperature mostly moderate, specially the coastline of Vancouver.

Some of its regions are really cold and covered with snow most of the times but even though it is really lovely and enjoyable place to live. Only you need to choose a best dress code for you to enjoy that lovely climate of Canada.

3- You must need to Speak French to live in Canada.

French Language speaks in certain areas and regions of Canada. In Quebec, French is an Official Language and Northern part of Ontario french also speaks. French speaker also live Nova Scotia and Manitoba.

but the ratio of French speakers are quite 20% and rest speaks English as an official language.

4- Canada is One the most Safest Country.

Canada is no doubt safe country than others like USA or African Region but still the crime ratio is quite high in Canada, Specially in Big cities like Toronto or Montreal.

When you out keep an eye on your surrounding and always secure your personal belongings like Wallet, Car Key, etc and make sure to keep your door lock all the time.

5- Wildlife is very visible in Canada.

If you are thinking about wildlife in Canada then you have to be realist that it is not so visible like other countries because of its Polar regions.

You will find some birds or squirrels but Bears, Moose and other eye catching animals are not so easy to find. If you are lucky enough you may get an opportunity to sight them only in Northern part of Canada.

6- Mounties are the Police of Canada

It a myth that Mounties which are sometimes found in wearing Red uniform are the police of Canada. but actually they are National Police Force of Canada and they only wear RED dress when some event happens.

In fact, each state of Canada has its own Police.

7- Canadian Don’t have Guns with them

In Canada, 7 Million people carry guns for their own protection and some of them keep them for sports purpose. It is misconception that people of Canada don’t use Guns.

But In fact, they don’t display it like people of some other countries.

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