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UK Point Based Immigration: United Kingdom has separated from European Union on 31st January 2020. It means there will be no more free movement of European Passports holders in UK. They need to apply visa visa to live and work in UK.

UK has introduced new Visa policy for Skilled workers around the world to come in UK and live there. UK needs them to stabilized their Economy, communities and public sectors as well.

UK Point Based Immigration: From 01st January 2021, EU and Non-EU members will be treated equally. Both will get same opportunities under the new visa policy. High Skilled individuals are highly welcome in UK. Like engineers, scientists, doctors, and other high skilled professionals.

As per UK Immigration, they will not introduce a general low-skilled or temporary work route. Their main focus is on their economy. They are not looking for cheap labor from Europe and instead concentrate on investment in technology and automation.

Offer of job by approved sponsorNo20
Job at appropriate skill levelNo20
Speaks English at required levelNo10
Salary of £20,480 (minimum) – £23,039Yes0
Salary of £23,040 – £25,599Yes10
Salary of £25,600 or aboveYes20
Job in a shortage occupation (as designated by the MAC)Yes20
Education qualification: PhD in subject relevant to the jobYes10
Education qualification: PhD in a STEM subject relevant to the jobYes20

A total of 70 points is required to be eligible to apply; some characteristics are tradeable.

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