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Visit Visa Requirements as per Immigration of Canada.


  • Must have a passport
  • Must have good health
  • Must have no criminal record
  • Must have enough funds to support your stay in Canada
  • Must provide the travel itinerary and to and from air tickets
  • Must show proof of job, family, and financial assets  
The 9 important documents required for a Canada visit visa are:

1. Passport

You need to have a genuine passport and other important travel documents. While applying for a Canada Visa to provide two photocopies containing the information page of your passport. 

The photocopies should include:

  • Date of issue and expiry of the passport
  • Passport Number
  • Personal Information (it includes photo, name, date of birth and place of birth.

2. Photographs

Minimum 2 passport size photos are required when you are applying for a Canada Tourist Visa.

3. Proof of funds

You have to submit a proof that you can support the family during your stay or visit to Canada. These are the following documents that you have to submit as proof of funds:

  • Bank statements
  • Letter of employment (to show your annual earnings)
  • Financial support evidence from friends/family to cover your expenses during your stay.
  • Income evidence of the person who will host you during your stay in Canada
  • Other financial proofs like property, PPFs, shares, FDs, etc
  • Tax filing documents of the last 3 years

4. Cover letter

You should write a cover letter or declaration to the Government of Canada, explaining why they should provide you with a Tourist Visa.

5. Letter of invitation

If you are visiting your family or friends, then you have to submit a letter of invitation received from them

6. Visa application form and other documents

You have to download this visa application form the IRCC website. Then submit all the documents (pictures, fee receipts, passport copies, and other documents)

7. Travel itinerary 

A complete plan of the trip you are making including to and from air tickets. Mentioning the places you are going to visit. And, a detailed description of routes of travel you will be using during your visit to Canada.

8. Memorandum of Association and other documents

Self-employed applicants should submit Memorandum of Association (company’s important corporate document) and other supporting documents.

9. Documents of Proof

You need to make the visa officers believe that you are not planning to stay in Canada. The documents that are required are:

    • Proof of employment:  Employment Contract details which claims that you are their permanent employee, job role in the company and your expected date to return to the company for work.
    • Proof of lease, property dealing:  These documents prove that you will return to your country once your trip is over.

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